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Wagyu semen, Wagyu embryos, Wagyu livestock from Flying C Farms Texas

barn and fieldsFlying C Farms is located in Central Texas on a ranch owned by the family since 1952. The area is rich in minerals and is known for producing good frames in livestock. Our goal is to produce superior 100% full blood Wagyu breeding stock.

This year, 2014, marks the tenth generation of Wagyu cattle born on the ranch. Being third generation cattle owners and having had experience with other breeds of cattle, we have found the Wagyu to be very easy and pleasurable to work with. Wagyu drinking from a stockpond in TexasThe wagyu breed is known to calve easily and that has been our experience. Our cattle are given no hormones nor are electric prods used.

We strive to handle our wagyu cattle in a way that causes the least stress, yielding a calm and docile animal.

To produce the highest quality Wagyu breeding stock, Flying C conducts DNA testing available to predict the predisposition of the animal for the qualities of marbling and tenderness. GeneSTAR results are shown on this site.

Wagyu Semen is collected at Elgin Breeding Services in Elgin, Texas. Straws of Wagyu semen can be directly shipped both nationally and internationally. Wagyu breedingstock with owner in TexasWagyu Embryos are produced nearby at Agrimark Genetics in Kingsbury, TX.Wagyu Embryos can also be shipped both nationally and internationally.

Flying C Farms is located off I-10 between Bastrop & Gonzales, TX.